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Volume Slider Free is an application that allows you to use an onscreen sliding icon to change the volume of your Android device, rather than having to use the buttons on the side of the device. This feature is a basic feature on Android P, but with this app, you can now enjoy it with any of the latest versions of Android.

The position of the volume slider can be changed, so you can place it wherever you want on the screen. By default, it will appear in the center of the right hand side of the screen, but this can be changed in the settings menu. There are also options to change the color, font, and many other customizable features.

Volume Slider Free is a simple application, thanks to which we can use one of the features of Android P on our device, even if we do not have Android P. The app also has many additional customization options that we can unlock by watching short ads.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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